Fall family fun at DeBuck's Corn Maze and Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin Patch in Belleville, Michigan

DeBuck's Giant Corn Maze

If you have never been to a Corn Maze, simply imagine a twisting, winding trail through a giant field of corn stalks so tall they nearly block out the sunlight. Suddenly the trail goes in three different directions—do you go left, right, or straight ahead? Only one trail is right, and only the right decisions will get you out of the maze!

Don't worry, if you get lost, there is help, if you ask for it. The maze is great fun for the whole family, and many family members challenge each other or best friends to see who can find their way through the maze first!

Explore Our Giant 15 Acre Maze!

Did you know our corn maze is actually 3 mazes in one? We have different levels of corn-fusing fun for all types maze-goers!

  • The 3.5 mile challenge for serious players
  • Every day players will enjoy 1.6 miles of moderate adventure
  • Starter maze is an easy section, only 0.4 mile long. It's a fun adventure for little ones and folks that only want to experience a few twists and turns.

While you can feel like you've gotten really lost, our "Corn Cops" are on-hand and will be happy to get you back on the road to glory whenever you want to ask for assistance.

Maze Rules & Tips
A group of friends about to try our corn maze at DeBuck's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch, between Ann Arbor and Detroit, in Belleville, Michigan.The entrance to our 3 in 1 corn maze.

Rules of the Maze

We want your visit to DeBuck’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch to be a great one!  Please observe the following rules for your safety.

  1.  Absolutely no smoking!
  2.  No pets...unless assisting person(s) with disabilities
  3.  Stay on the path
  4.  No pushing or shoving
  5.  No picking or throwing corn
  6.  Don’t pull corn plant leaves..ever had a paper cut?  Imagine one ten times more painful!!
  7.  No running
  8.  No drugs or alcohol
  9.  No littering
  10.  No inappropriate language
  11.  No fighting...You will be escorted from the grounds by one of our security officers and they mean business!!
  12.  Respect other guests
  13.  And remember.....HAVE FUN!
  14. FLASHLIGHTS are MANDATORY to enter the Corn Maze once the sun sets.  We have flashlights for sale if you happen to leave yours at home.

There is a $500.00 fine for any damage or vandalism caused to the corn maze or any damage to our property.

- Suggestions for Your Visit -

  • If you visit the farm before the weather turns cool, bring insect repellant.  If you visit after the cool nights arrive, bring a jacket.
  • Make sure you dress appropriately for the outdoors, particularly when it comes to shoes.
  • It gets really dark in the country when the sun goes down. Bring a flashlight.  It will really come in handy.  However we have flashlights for sale if you happen to leave yours at home.
  • Bring a stroller with you if you’re visiting with small children.  They will get tired walking through the trails even if you are an excellent navigator.
  • Leave any items you can’t afford to lose in a cornfield at home.  There is nothing worse than searching for a watch or ring amidst a couple hundred thousand stalks of corn!!