Welcome to DeBuck's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

Explore Our Giant 15 Acre Corn Maze

If you have never been to a Corn Maze, simply imagine a twisting, winding trail through a giant field of corn stalks so tall they nearly block out the sunlight. Suddenly the trail goes in three different directions—do you go left, right, or straight ahead? Only one trail is right, and only the right decisions will get you out of the maze!

I love the corn maze. It is a part of our family tradition every fall!

Don't worry, if you get lost, there is help, if you ask for it. The maze is great fun for the whole family, and many family members challenge each other or best friends to see who can find their way through the maze first!

**Hard corn maze closes at 5pm.
**Intermediate corn maze closes at 5:30pm.
**Easy corn maze closes at 5:45pm.